Carry On Regardless (1961)

In this fifth instalment in the Carry On franchise, the premise of having the characters work in a temp agency doing all sorts of odd jobs gives writer Norman Hudis the excuse to explore any idea that occurs to him, with little thought having to be wasted on how this will hold together in the end. So this paper-thin premise provides the basis for a string of amusing scenes in which the characters – as usual in this franchise – are out of their collective depth. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Jonny Stiehlt Europa (1932)

This is an ambitious, but ultimately fairly average German comedy. This adventurous story is set in the world of horse-racing, with lots of bluffs, schemes, and chicanery, but overall the quality of the writing is limited. This film has probably never been made available with English audio or subtitles. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

The Thin Man Goes Home (1944)

The fifth entry into The Thin Man franchise differs slightly in tone from the previous films. It is influenced by the war economy and the filmmakers' desire to swap Nick and Nora's lavish cosmopolitan life-syle for that of picturesque small-town America. And that not only means a different setting and life-style, but also a slightly different set of values. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

The Out-of-Towners (1970)

Considering this film stars Jack Lemmon and is highly-rated, I found The Out-of-Towners to be a disappointment. Nothing clicks here, at least not for me. +++ +++ [but you are free to click on the title to read my review]

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