Casino Royale (1967)

Casino Royale is a comedy spoofing the character and world of James Bond as seen in the first four Bond films, especially the franchise’s obsession with nubile young women. The film consists of a number of “episodes” split up between five-and-a-half directors; and one of the lead actors was fired half-way through the film. Still, while the plot is nonsensical and incoherent, there are some enjoyable elements to be found here; but they are few and far between. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

You Lucky People (1955)

You Lucky People is a British comedy that pokes fun at the army, but in the end amounts to nothing much. Constructed as a vehicle for comedian Tommy Trinder’s one-liners and variety-theatre-style jokes, there is not much else going on in the film’s meagre plot. And the script suffers noticeably from this lop-sided focus on Trinder. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

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