Riding on Air (1937)

This is one of the comedies Joe E. Brown did for David L. Loew after leaving Warner Brothers. It is not a good film, but Brown's talents shine through on occasion. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Country Gentlemen (1936)

A minor outing for comedy duo Olsen & Johnson, produced by Republic Pictures. It is a con-men story featuring very few convincing cons, and even less convincing con-men. While at times charming and mildly entertaining, this is a film you can easily skip. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

The Nut Farm (1935)

This B-movie from poverty row studio Monogram Pictures has a thin plot, but it has nice performances and takes place in an interesting "sphere". The bulk of its plot deals with the pitfalls of Hollywood, the crooked accounting and other shady practices represented by a dodgy producer embodied marvellously by Bradley Page. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

St. Benny the Dip (1951)

A feel-good melodrama with comedic elements, made by famed director Edgar G. Ulmer. A nice-enough film, but not necessarily your first pick if you are looking for a comedy. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Penny Points to Paradise (1951)

A British comedy starring many young British actors and comedians of the day, including Harry Secombe in the leading role. As the first film appearance of Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan, this film is of historic interest, but as a comedy it is exceedingly mediocre. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

The Comedy of Terrors (1963)

This is a black comedy about an undertaker creating his own demand. It is an entertaining film, which first and foremost benefits from a great cast including horror icons Vincent Price and Boris Karloff. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Der Doppelgänger (1934)

A mildly amusing yet unremarkable German comedy. A stubborn female and fear of a suspected crime are at the centre of a comedy of errors that neglects dialogue and delivery as it relies too heavily on situational comedy – which unfortunatley falls a bit flat. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

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