Glückskinder (1936)

This 1936 UFA comedy is trying to emulate Hollywood’s new, successful Screwball formula. It appears to be a high effort production and many things in this film work nicely, but the story is too convoluted and the construction of the plot seems far from perfect. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Jonny Stiehlt Europa (1932)

This is an ambitious, but ultimately fairly average German comedy. This adventurous story is set in the world of horse-racing, with lots of bluffs, schemes, and chicanery, but overall the quality of the writing is limited. This film has probably never been made available with English audio or subtitles. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Spione im Savoy Hotel (1932)

Famous German radio presenter Alfred Braun (played by himself) turns detective when an important document is stolen. Featuring the Comedian Harmonists as well as a trio of Italian clowns, this film is an odd concoction made of many elements, none of which really work. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Dreizehn Stühle (1938)

Dreizehn Stühle is a black&white Austrian comedy based on the Soviet novel The Twelve Chairs. It stars two of the era’s biggest box-office magnets in German-speaking countries: Heinz Rühmann and Hans Moser. +++ +++ [click title to read review]


I contributed this review to the “Made in 1938” blogathon:





Hallo Dienstmann (1952)

Hallo Dienstmann is an Austrian comedy starring two of the country’s leading actors of the time.
This black & white comedy stars Hans Moser and Paul Hörbiger, and its comedy-of-errors plot is based on confused, mistaken, and embellished identities following a masquerade ball in Vienna. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Frech und Verliebt (1945/1948)

A solid romantic comedy from Germany (produced in 1944), whose release was delayed by the approaching end of the war. There are some very strong comedic performances in the major supporting roles, which are stronger than the film as a whole. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Der Doppelgänger (1934)

A mildly amusing yet unremarkable German comedy. A stubborn female and fear of a suspected crime are at the centre of a comedy of errors that neglects dialogue and delivery as it relies too heavily on situational comedy – which unfortunatley falls a bit flat. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

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