1. April 2000 (1952)

On November 19th 1952, a strange film premiered in Vienna. Commissioned by the Austrian government, 1. April 2000 was a sci-fi satire with one purpose: promoting the case of Austria’s sovereignty and ending the post-war occupation. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

The Navy Lark (1959)

A very early spin-off of the long-running BBC radio sitcom, The Navy Lark is a naval comedy featuring sailors and officers who like to lead a quiet life and prefer to not do much work, if any. Ironically they need to put a lot of work and effort into schemes that they hope will secure this lifestyle for the foreseeable future. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Never Say Die (1988)

In this New Zealand action comedy, Temuera Morrison plays a journalist who fears for his life and goes on the run, together with his wife. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Drei Mann in einem Boot (1961)

Loosely based on Jerome’s novel Three Men in a Boat, this German comedy sees three men trying to find some peace and quiet by embarking on a journey across Lake Constance and down the river Rhine. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

La loi, c’est la loi (1958)

This Italo-French co-production, whose Italian version of the title is La legge è legge, combines the talents of Toto and Fernandel as Guiseppe and Ferdinand. One a smuggler, the other a customs agent, they have to deal with a complicated border that cuts their town in half. This black&white comedy starts out a bit slow, but is rather entertaining for the most part. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Carry On Cleo (1964)

Spoofing Ancient Greco-Roman adventure epics like Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, Carry On Cleo is a silly yet entertaining comedy with a handful of highlights that are still too few to allow the film as a whole to have a lasting impact. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Dinner at Eight (1933)

Dinner at Eight is an outstanding film that finds the balance between drama and comedy in a way you rarely see. And the amazing cast contribute their fair share to this masterpiece. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Black Wedding (2015)

This black comedy from Germany is a film with sound, but without any dialogue. In a family whose members are no longer talking to another, the (predominantly negative) emotions are only communicated through looks, gestures and actions. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

Some Like It Hot (1959)

The legendary Billy Wilder classic fulfils all your expectations, with great performances and funny dialogue. While I personally enjoyed One, Two, Three more, Some Like it Hot is definitely an ageless, first-rate comedy that deservedly ranks highly on almost any “Top XYZ” list out there. +++ +++ [click title to read review]

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