I love watching classic comedies, and in this blog I would like to collect all of my reviews, and all of my thoughts about these films. My favourites are American screwball comedies and many of the Ealing comedies.

For the purpose of this blog, I am going to be very gracious with the time-frame. This blog will mostly focus on films from the “dawn of time” up until the 1970s – and initially I had thought I might use the death of Louis de Funès in 1982 as a cut-off point. But I realised that it makes a lot of sense to include modern-day films that are paying homage to (or making fun of) classic comedies. And it would also be nice to include a couple of 1980s classics, I guess.

Usually I keep plot-details in my reviews to a minimum, so they can be considered spoiler-free.

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